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Odor Remediation San Antonio

Removing odors can be a difficult and complex process. Whatever the root of the problem is, professional equipment, products and systems are necessary to remove the broad range of odors that may be posing the issue. Our goal is to help you breathe easy.

For knowledgeable San Antonio odor removal services, Stay Fresh Steam Cleaning of San Antonio uses powerful odor removal methods like deodorizers that neutralize obnoxious, unwanted odors.

We use a wide range of advanced deodorization tools to get rid of odor from your home.​

  • Thermal fogging – Neutralizes odor, using a strong deodorizer that penetrates everywhere the smoke traveled

  • Ozone is an oxidizing agent produced by a portable ozone generator



Odor in your home can disrupt your life and affect your health. Turn to Stay Fresh Steam Cleaning of San Antonio to create a solution that is best for you and your home. With many years of effectively removing odors in San Antonio, our restoration team does more than just eliminate odors. Once the source of the odor is eradicated, Stay Fresh Steam Cleaning of San Antonio will thoroughly clean the affected areas. Then we will seal the cleaned surfaces so the odor no longer remains.​ Call Stay Fresh Steam Cleaning of San Antonio today if you are facing odor issues in your home.

Smoke Odor Removal San Antonio 

The smell of smoke often makes people sick, and smoke and soot odor can also cause respiratory illness with continual inhalation. You should not expose yourself to harmful smoke contaminants in the air. Let our team remove all odors from your home.


Smoking not only affects the people exposed to smoke, but it also produces odorous substances that stick to every surface of the area where smoking has taken place. The yellowish-brown substance eliminated through smoking bonds to walls, furniture, and plastics, and can permanently change their appearance. Cigarette smoke also penetrates more odor-absorbing objects, such as carpets, upholstery, bedding, clothes, and many more.

Additionally, the HVAC system of a building carries the smoke odor and chemicals throughout the structure. The affected surfaces will become unpleasant to look at and the odors may disturb many people. The end result of long-term smoking in enclosed areas is similar to that of a fire. However, tobacco smoke chemicals are much more difficult to eliminate than those of an actual fire.

Ultimately, tobacco residue is extremely hard to remove and requires professional equipment and services. 

The only effective way to remove tobacco residue and smell is through very thorough cleaning and then sealing all structural surfaces by Stay Fresh Steam Cleaning Professionals. Our restoration specialists start tobacco smoke removal by cleaning all surfaces. The cleanup always includes deodorizing agents to help eliminate the very tiny particles of tobacco smoke.

Once our technicians finish cleaning the visible surfaces, using specialized equipment is often necessary to remove the very last of the odors that are not accessible (such as inside walls or joints). This will often involve hydroxyl generators or ozone generators — professional equipment that effectively destroy the smelly particles that penetrated the hard-to-reach areas.

The next step consists of sealing the surfaces with a sealant. A product designed to seal smoke residues is required. These can lock in the very last of the stains and odors. Finally, the surfaces will be ready to paint, refinish or apply new coverings.

Odor Remediation Professionals

Stay Fresh Steam Cleaning of San Antonio will eliminate unwanted odors for good. We specialize in removing odors from carpets, area rugs, upholstery, furniture, mattresses and more. Whether the smell is caused by fire, smoke, mold, pets, cooking, etc. 

We provides odor removal services in San Antonio to eliminate odors from:

  • Fire, Smoke, Mold

  • Musty Homes & Basements

  • Cats, Dogs, Skunks

  • Dead Animals

  • Urine

  • Carpet Odors

  • Cooking Odors

  • Formaldehyde, Gas, Diesel

  • Cars, Trucks & RVs

  • Tobacco, Cannabis

 Serving both residential and commercial customers, our odor removal experts are professionally trained in effective odor removal services in San Antonio. Stay Fresh Steam Cleaning of San Antonio has the best products and methods available to handle bad odor problems. We Guarantee it!

Pet Odor Removal San Antonio

Whether you’re moving into a new home or have long endured the unpleasant smells left behind by pets, intense pet odors can become overwhelming to many. Stay Fresh Steam Cleaning offers pet odor removal guaranteed to rid your home of the smell of cat, dog, or any other pet you might have at home. 

Whether you’re struggling with a rodent infestation or you have several pets in you home, your nose quickly gets acclimated to pet smells, but just because you don’t notice the smell doesn’t mean that guests won’t notice! 

Have you ever seen your fur-buddy drag his (or her) rear end across the carpet?  So if your pet uses the carpet as toilet paper, its only natural that your carpet will start to smell like a toilet.

At Stay Fresh Steam Cleaning, we guarantee 100% odor removal, no matter how strong the odor is.  We remove any odor every time!

Pet odors are different then urine odors. See our Pet Odor Removal Page for more details. If you are a one of more doggies in your family you know that your friendly furry friend has a scent. Even with regular bathing your indoor environment can begin to get that “wet dog smell”.

Whether you realize it or not, odors from your pet is NOT only in your carpet, your furniture, area rugs, and even on your walls, hard surface floors, HVAC duct system, furniture, etc.

Common Questions About Odor In Your Home

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