The state of your floors makes a large impact on the overall look of your building. In order to improve the feel of your facility, flooring is key. Make a better impression on clients and visitors, and a more pleasant place for employees, by giving your floors the care and attention they require. On the flip side, dirty or neglected floors can be a safety hazard. Clutter, spills, and debris can lead to slips; and potential injuries. A clean floor will ensure you provide as safe a facility as possible for clients, visitors, employees, and anyone else in the building.
The issue many property managers and building owners run into is finding the right help to take proper care of their wood floors. Without the proper tools and expertise, your cleaning service may be falling short in keeping your floors in the best shape.
Commercial hardwood cleaning is a long-term commitment, and it requires regular maintenance because it’s an essential element of maintaining a business’s appeal. Hard-flooring requires more attention than a typical sweeping and mopping clean-up. Stay Fresh Steam Cleaning can handle your continuing floor care, whether you have hardwood, ceramic tile, VCT, marble, or another hard surface material.

When it comes to commercial hardwood cleaning, San Antonio trusts Stay Fresh experts. At Stay Fresh, we use the best commercial-grade cleaning equipment and eco-friendly solutions, to ensure superior durability of your wood floors while removing contaminants, such as oil, dust, and dirt among others. We can also apply wax or polish to your cleaned wood floors to further enhance their sheen for the longest time possible. With Stay Fresh, you will benefit from enhanced durability to your wood floors with unbeatable cleanliness and sheen. Due to the vast experience we have, we will restore the ideal state of your company’s hardwood floors effectively and efficiently within the least time possible, and rest assured that your daily routine will not be interrupted. Apart from preserving the quality of your floor through our specialized procedures, we make your floors look sparklingly timeless. We aim to make your workplace environment healthier for your employees, clients, and customers.
Our commercial wood floor cleaning system can clean solid hardwoods, engineered floors, and even laminates and vinyl. Stay Fresh Cleaning leaves these floors in exceptional condition, removing oils and dirt and leaving your business looking better than ever.
After our commercial hardwood cleaning, Stay Fresh can also refinish your wood floors without the massive inconvenience and expense of the traditional sand and refinishing process. Our system allows for a beautiful new finish in just a fraction of the time, and with no compromise in terms of the quality or depth of the finish. That’s why we Stay Fresh provides wood cleaning San Antonio businesses love.

Commercial Hardwood Cleaning San Antonio Can Rely On:

1: Pre-Inspection
We first determine if the floor contains any wax, oily residue, or other contaminants. We also find out what method is needed.

2: Area Preparation
We will prepare the areas surrounding the wood, making sure not to disturb any other connecting floor types. At this point, all furniture that will be cleaned under is moved.

3: Dry Soil Removal
Our technicians thoroughly sweep and vacuum the entire area, maximizing results. As in any cleaning process, dry soil removal is most important. We remove large pieces of dirt and debris. We then prepare your wood floor for TruSteam Cleaning’s state-of-the-art wood floor cleaning equipment.

4: Scrub
The cylindrical action of ProFresh’s wood floor cleaning equipment agitates and loosens embedded dirt and residue. Our specialized equipment feature squeegees that extract the cleaning solution and leave your floor dry. Surface accumulations of common pollutants such as food residues are removed without abrading your floor.

5: Detailed Hand Cleaning
Our trained technicians will clean edges and difficult-to-reach corners by hand. A microfiber cloth captures the remaining dirt and debris on the surface.

6: Low Moisture Cleaning
Our commercial hardwood cleaning process includes multiple applications of neutral cleaning solutions which break down dirt, oil, or any air filtration soiling on the floor. We then rinse the area with our truck-mounted unit using a low PSI otherwise known as low moisture cleaning. Simultaneously, soft bristle brush inside the wand and spin onto the hard surfaces emulsifying the wood while leaving no scratches whatsoever.

7: Topcoat Application
The penultimate step of Stay Fresh wood cleaning is our topcoat application. This leaves wood floors spotless and residue-free with no sanding necessary. Choose from a gloss or satin finish that will give your wood floors a streak-free shine.

8: Post Inspection
Technicians will initiate a walk-through and go over the results before leaving.


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