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Pet Urine Removal San Antonio

While it may seem trivial and harmless, pet urine that soaks through rugs and carpet can have negative consequences for you and your family. Over time, it’s best to have your items professionally cleaned and that dog and cat urine neutralized.


When pet urine first contacts carpet or a rug, it has a pH level of about 5 or 6, on the acidic side of the scale. The urine is much easier to remove when it is fresh — once it dries it turns “alkaline,” or a pH between 10 and 12. That makes it harder to remove.

The warm, acidic nature of pet urine makes it the ideal breeding ground for bacteria and germs. If allowed to fester over time, this can cause serious rug and carpet damage and negatively affect your indoor air quality.


On the surface level, the pet urine’s acid level will immediately react with the fibers of the carpet. This is why the carpet changes color (yellow, brown, etc.). If not removed or treated immediately, the color change can become permanent. Within a few days and depending on the fabric type, the urine will change the dye structure of your carpet and cause permanent discoloration.


Pet Odor Removal San Antonio

The unpleasant odors associated with dog and cat urine are hard to ignore. If you’re dealing with such a problem, you likely need a pet odor removal expert.


Stay Fresh Steam Cleaning has the experience, knowledge and resources to remove complex odor problems at the source. Complete carpet replacement is expensive, and our technicians have the know-how to guarantee carpet cleaning pet urine removal services. 

Stay Fresh Steam cleaning products are 100% child and pet safe. We use green cleaning solutions that not only fight pet urine and odor, but are good for the environment and your air quality.

Stay Fresh Steam Cleaning offers a variety of carpet cleaning pet urine removal San Antonio services. As well as area rug cleaning pet urine removal. We even help with cleaning pet urine from hardwood floors. Our professionals will identify your needs and recommend the best course of action. From less expensive basic treatments to deep cleaning and pad replacements, we can do it all.

There is a lot more to the process than just cleaning the carpet. The underlying issues of carpet cleaning pet urine removal need to be addressed, and only then can you rest easy knowing your dog urine and odor problems are gone. Dried urine is often easy to smell in the humid months because the salts attract the moisture, the moisture evaporates putting out a greater proportion of odorous ammonia gas. You must get rid of the urine salts in and under the carpet to get rid of the odor.

Carpet Cleaning Pet Urine Removal: Cat VS. Dog


Feline’s urine have more ammonia than dog urine.  It is the ammonia that smells bad and stings your nose! It will also smell stronger when an animal (cat or dog) “sprays” there territory. Unaltered Male Cats and dogs will do this more often than females or altered animals. Since cats are more territorial than dogs, they will be more likely to spray than dogs.  Non-neutered male cat urine has the distinct smell of an onion gone badly, or some really bad human body odor. Female cat urine smells distinctly of very strong ammonia. When your cat expels urine from her body, it contains urea in a concentrated form. 


As it is urea based, it tends to smell of ammonia. The smell becomes stronger when your cat does not drink enough water. Strong ammonia smell in urine also indicates dehydration in cats. You need to make sure that your cat drinks fresh and clean water daily.

And while enzyme sprays help, they cannot completely eliminate the odor. Our professionals use hot water extraction to remove the cat urine from the carpet’s underlying layers, getting to the root of the odor.


In dog urine is 95 percent water and 5 percent water-soluble organic materials and ions. The amounts of substances present in urine vary with time of day, diet and nutrition, but the chemical structure of urea is fairly constant. This means that two nitrogen-containing, ammonia-derived molecules are joined to a carbon molecule that has a double bond to an oxygen molecule. Dogs and humans are both mammals, thus the overall chemical composition of their urine is remarkably similar. The urinary system of a dog consists of kidneys, ureters, bladder, urethra and genitals, including a prostate in males. Both odors are extremely hard to rid your house of. There is hope if you have it done the right way.

Most carpet cleaning and rug cleaning companies in San Antonio offer only a basic carpet cleaning and deodorizing service. This may mask some of the stains and smells, but pet odor comes back. When you need carpet cleaning pet urine removal services or help with area rug cleaning pet urine removal. Even the most advanced cleanings for your hard surfaces like cleaning pet urine from hardwood floors can be handled when you call Stay Fresh Steam Cleaning.  When it comes to dog urine or feces, you likely need a more serious service. The elimination and control of odors, truly separates the amateurs from the educated professionals. At Stay Fresh Steam Cleaning, our technicians have completed training and formal written examination for odor treatment San Antonio, not to mention, extensive field experience with some of the most putrid odors we could find for them.

The Dangers of Pet Urine in Your Home

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