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Tile is an extremely durable flooring material, which is why it’s very popular for high-traffic business areas. However, you must properly clean and maintain tile floors and other tile surfaces to keep them from looking filthy and old. Stay Fresh Steam Cleaning professional tile and grout cleaning for businesses is a cost effective solution for keeping tile floors looking like new and enhancing the appearance of your company. Our expert tile cleaning also keeps floors hygienic and safe for public use, whether it’s for an industrial office space, daycare center, school, theater, entertainment arena or conference center. Don’t have your general cleaning person scrubbing tiles that haven’t been properly cleaned for years — call Stay Fresh Steam Cleaning instead! When it comes to commercial tile cleaning, the Stay Fresh difference includes special tile and grout cleaning equipment that’s specially designed for tile. When these machines are used along with our unique cleansers, dirt and grease is removed from the most heavily soiled areas and the tile’s original luster is restored.


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Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning San Antonio Process:

1: Pre-Inspection

We will inspect the tile and grout before cleaning, looking for any loose tiles or cracked grout.

2: Dry Soil & Dupree Removal

We will remove as much dry soil as possible before using our detergent solution.

3: Apply Cleaning Solutions

We will actually use two different solutions to clean your floor. First we will apply an “alkaline” detergent solution. This will help to remove any greases and oils that have covered over the grout. Next we will apply a detergent solution that is specifically formulated to remove soil embedded in the grout.

4: Agitation/Scrubbing

Now we have to start breaking down all of the contaminates that make your tile and grout look so dirty. We have special tools that are designed to get right into the grout lines and remove all the stubborn stains in your dirty tile and grout.

5: Rinse & Dry

Using our very powerful Turbo Cleaning Tool to clean and rinse your dirty tile and grout. At 300 degrees and over 1200PSI (pressure) there are not many stains that we can’t get out. Our powerful truck-mounted unit vacuums up all the solutions that we applied, and as a result, your now-clean tile and grout is dry to the touch!

If you like, we can also apply a grout sealer to the floor to help maintain the floor and make future cleaning easier.


Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning Services is the Perfect Solution For:

  • Tile entranceways, foyers and walkways.

  • Removal of grout haze from newly installed tile.

  • Rehabilitating old tile and grout.

  • Tile patterns and tile mosaic floors.

  • Removal of mold and mildew from old grout in humid conditions.

If you are responsible for maintaining an office space, retail store or commercial property, call Stay Fresh Steam Cleaning now to learn more about our commercial tile and grout cleaning. San Antonio businesses can save valuable time, effort and money by counting on our expert technicians to give tile and grout a deep, thorough cleaning. By keeping tile surfaces properly cleaned and maintained, your company can avoid replacement costs. Stay Fresh Steam Cleaning handles all your nasty tile and grout cleaning so you don’t have to do it yourself! Company’s commercial tile cleaning professionals consider each floor individually. They choose the best cleaning method based on the condition.

As a homeowner, you may have used cleaning products that strip the floor of its shine and strength. If you do not seal the grout, the color and texture may change. An unsafe and unpleasant residue is common. Stay Fresh Steam Cleaning's industrial grade cleaning products leave no residue or stains behind. Our cleaning professionals pay attention to your needs. They provide plenty of safe, effective options for your company's floor.