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In order to keep the marble, granite, travertine, and/or slate surfaces in your office or commercial building looking shiny, clean, and smooth, it is necessary to use proper stone care and maintenance. The cleaning, polishing, repair, sealing, and restoration services San Antonio provided by Stay Fresh Steam Cleaning are exactly what your stone surfaces need to keep them looking as professional and elegant as when they were first installed. Regardless of the type of stone surface you have, Stay Fresh Steam Cleaning is highly qualified to restore its aesthetic.

Stay Fresh Steam Cleaning is a leading company in the hard surface restoration industry. We have professional equipment, products, and experience to make sure your surfaces always look beautiful and appealing. Furthermore, our maintenance plans are flexible, giving you the option for monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual programs. You decide accordingly to your needs. Keep your surfaces fully protected, gorgeous-looking, and prevent any costly repairs. 

It’s important to choose a stone sealing and cleaning company that has the right experience, so your stone surfaces will look smooth and shiny once again. Professional cleaners and sealers who work with stone in homes and businesses like us, can determine what type of finish yours has and provide it with the right kind of care.


Image by Henar Langa

Commercial Natural Stone Cleaning San Antonio Process:

1: Pre-Inspection

During this pre-inspection, our staff of highly trained technicians will perform several stone identification examinations in order to identify not only what kind of stone and stone finish you have, but this identification examination can determine a customized care plan to meet your specific needs for your specific stone.

2: Area Preperation

After a ProFresh Steam Cleaning stone specialist has identified the natural stone type, and existing finish, the team will thoroughly prep the work space to insure your business stays in the condition it was in before we got there. Our services are designed to enhance the look of your buisness  not cause issues in other areas. Our technicians lay drop cloths, apply special plastic wraps, tape and prep all work space before starting the natural stone cleaning process.

3: Cleaning 

Cleaning Processes vary from floor to floor, many variables include make-up, maintenance, soiling conditions, traffic, use, etc…While deep scratches and marks won’t be removed in this process, no harsh abrasive polishing compounds, grits, or diamonds are used. However, ground-in dirt and other unsightly stains usually come out. The way this is accomplished is by using a process that involves machine cleaning using a high-quality neutral cleanser and stone conditioner. Finally we will rinse the stone with a rinsing tool, connected to a truck-mounted hot water extraction system is used, achieving maximum soil removal and best overall cleaning results.

4: Diamond Grinding

This method is a very aggressive approach to refinishing stone. It uses a metal-bonded and diamond grit heavy weighted floor buffer to remove deep scratches and lippage.  The goal of this method is to flatten the floor; a bonus is that it is performed with the use of water to contain dust so it's typically dust free. Stone that is etched, scuffed, and scratched can be restored only by the use of mechanical abrasives underneath a rotary machine. The surfacing procedures that follow will determine the desired surface sheen. 

5: Honing

Completed after the grinding phase, this method is a much less aggressive approach than grinding.  Although similar, the materials and grits used are not as coarse as they are during the grinding process. This step is also able to remove minor to moderate scratches and etch marks, just in a softer manner.  This method shares the same goal as grinding, ending with a flat floor.

6: Polishing

This is the next step in refinishing your stone.  Coming after the honing phase, a higher grit and sometimes combinations of higher grit compounds are used to bring out a shine in your stone during this process.

7: Sealing

The final stage in refinishing your stone is sealing. In this step, a high quality protective sealant is applied to the surface of the stone to ensure protection from contaminates. This stage must be completed immediately after the stone has been ground, honed, or polished to ensure proper protection. We apply a clear impregnator to help protect the stone and make it easier to maintain. Depending on the stone type, an enhancer or high gloss protection can be applied.

8: Post Inspection

We will do a walk through inspection of the areas before we leave the buisness and give you some tips on how to maintain your stones.

Mopping the Floor

Most stone materials, such as marble, travertine and granite, are highly durable, but some are more porous than others. These materials are more prone to stains, which can set in quickly without proper sealing. They can also chip or crack more easily than harder types of stone. Our experts understand how important it is to properly care for these surfaces based on factors such as stone density and color.

Our Commercial stone restoration services include:

  • Marble Honing and Polishing

  • Granite Honing and Polishing

  • Travertine Honing and Polishing

  • Slate Cleaning and Sealing

  • Stone Cleaning and Sealing

  • Stone Cleaning and Color Enhancement

  • Stone Countertop Sealing

  • Slip Resistant Application

  • Commercial Maintenance Programs

  • Stone Care and Products