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Commercial duct cleaning can help your business save money on energy and improve indoor air quality by removing dirt, dust and debris from your HVAC system. Clean ductwork is the first step in removing airborne contaminants and allergens out of the air you breathe. Stay Fresh Steam Cleaning will clean from the point where the air enters the system to the point where it exits as part of our commercial duct cleaning process, which includes the grilles and registers, which helps to keep particles out of the ambient air.

Commercial duct cleaning also improves airflow, allowing your facility’s HVAC system to run more efficiently, and help reduce the risk of fire in HVAC Systems — especially in manufacturing facilities where combustible dust is present. According to the EPA, a buildup of just 0.42" of dirt on a heating or cooling coil can result in a decrease of efficiency of 21%. Dirty ductwork can load filters quickly and lead to more stress on the air handler and potentially higher energy costs. Blockages in reheat coils, mixing boxes, VAV boxes and other terminal boxes found in commercial HVAC systems can also restrict airflow.

The American Lung Association found that majority of people spend almost 90 percent of their time indoors—so Stay Fresh Steam Cleaning’s mission is to improve the air quality indoors so you, your employees, and customers can breathe easier. From infection control for duct cleaning in hospitals to OSHA confined space training and fall protection when working from lifts, Stay Fresh Steam Cleaning's professional technicians are experienced and trained to meet your facility’s safety requirements. We’ve performed hundreds of HVAC systems cleaning projects in all kinds of facilities. So, whether your building is a manufacturing facility, a university, school, hospital, or office building, we can help you breathe easier with commercial duct cleaning.

Not sure if your ducts are dirty? We can help with a video duct inspection to see inside your ducts. Call Stay Fresh Steam Cleaning to schedule an inspection, or to get a free quote on commercial duct cleaning.

Air Duct

Industries We Service:

At Stay Fresh Steam Cleaning, we provide unparalleled commercial duct cleaning services to a variety of industries, including:

  • Hospitals

  • Schools & universities

  • Office buildings

  • Condominiums

  • Laundromats

  • Fitness centers

  • And more!

Benefits of  Commercial Air Duct Cleaning:

Whether you are looking to improve your facility’s indoor air quality, save money on energy, or provide a cleaner, healthier work environment for your employees, commercial air duct cleaning can make a difference. A cleaning from the experts at Stay Fresh Steam Cleaning will provide you with:

  • Better employee and customer health

  • Improved productivity in the workplace

  • Relief from symptoms related to poor air quality (allergies, coughing, and sneezing)

  • Reduced health costs and sick leave

  • Increased efficiency in your cooling and heating system

mold spores

Molds spread through spores, and the presence of a small colony can lead to a re-infestation in no time. Moldproblems in HVAC systems and subsequent air ductsoccur due to humidity and water accumulation in the system.

allergy pollen

If you've got allergies to airborne particles, like pollen or mold, there's a big connection between your HVAC& allergies! It's simple. Your HVAC system moves air throughout your space. When allergens get into your AC, heating, and ventilation equipment, they get spread around.

dust mites

 Dust mites are one of the main culprits for both asthma as well as allergies. They enjoy living in close proximity to humans since they can consume things like the skin flakes which are shed by them. Air ducts are the primary way in which the feces from dust mites are able to circulate around your facility.


Damp and dirty spaces allow for accumulation and breeding of many of these bacteria and viruses, and ventilation systems easily spread these disease causing organisms around. Poor or stagnant air circulation can cause the bacteria and viruses living in air ducts to thrive and cause infection more easily.

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning San Antonio

Cleaning your commercial ductwork removes accumulated dust, debris such as cobwebs, and rodent dropping which eases airflow and increases efficiency of the system. Keep an eye out for these signs that suggest it’s time to call a professional:

  • Dust, cobwebs, and other debris blowing out of the air vents

  • Visible mold on the inside surfaces of ducts

  • Rodent droppings and dead insects inside ductwork

From offering specific appointment times, using a safe (HEPA) and certified (IICRC) cleaning process, and offering a 100% guarantee, to giving you the peace of mind in working with a trustworthy company that is licensed and bonded, Stay Fresh Cleaning is delivering on our promise of excellence.